'Time After Time': What to know about the new ABC series

PHOTO: ABCs "Time After Time" stars Freddie Stroma as H.G. Wells and Josh Bowman as John Stevenson.
ABC/Bob Da'Amico
ABC's "Time After Time" stars Freddie Stroma as H.G. Wells and Josh Bowman as John Stevenson.

Shows about time travel are having a moment, and on Sunday, ABC's drama "Time After Time," created by Kevin Williamson, will make its debut.

"Time After Time" is based on the book and 1979 movie of the same name. It's about real-life British science fiction writer H.G. Wells, who invents a time machine and ends up chasing Jack the Ripper into present-day New York City.

Freddie Stroma plays Wells in the show, while Jack the Ripper, who in the series is actually Wells' friend Dr. John Stephenson, is played by Josh Bowman.

"The relationship between the two is what fascinates me the most," Stroma told ABC News. "They're best friends -- well, they were -- and then they have such opposing views. So trying to see them debate that through each other is fun."

But for Stroma, the time travel aspect of the show is actually more confusing than fun.

"We had many, many moments where we're like, 'Wait a second. I don't think any of this makes any sense!'" he said with a laugh.

"I often have trouble with time travel films or stories just because [of] the paradoxes ... you have to create these laws to make it make sense. And we did that. But there were definite moments where I was thinking, 'Hang on. If you did that, why can't you just do this?'"

In addition to stopping Jack the Ripper, "Time After Time" also involves Wells falling in love with a modern-day New Yorker, played by Genesis Rodriguez, and getting help from a wealthy descendant of his, played by Nicole Ari Parker.

"Time After Time" premieres on ABC Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.