Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Celebs

Tiger Woods, Rihanna, Jon Gosselin and more: what the stars should do in 2010.

Jan. 1, 2010 — -- New year, new beginning. A chance to fix 2009's mistakes, to rehab a wrecked reputation, to transform from a do-nothing fame monger to a do-something celeb.

How might a star accomplish that? The same way mere mortals do -- with a new year's resolution.

Since many of the rich and famous may too pre-occupied to think of how to better themselves, thought we'd give them a hand by suggesting some potential resolutions. Here's hoping the following 10 stars take 2010 by the horns.

Tiger Woods

His marriage in shambles, his golf career on hiatus, his multi-million dollar endorsement contracts receding -- to say Tiger Woods is in the rough is to make the understatement of the year (thus far). But there's no reason he can't dig himself out of this bunker and rule the sports world again. Woods may never win the trophy for husband of the year, but so long as he can swing his club and nab those PGA titles, he can dominate the golf game and rake in the dough. Resolution: Keep your eye on the ball and stop chasing the girls.

Jon Gosselin

How far Jon Gosselin's fallen since he ruled the reality TV realm with "Jon & Kate Plus 8." After announcing his divorce from his better half, Kate, Gosselin turned into a fame-hungry monster, blabbing to the press about his relationships with everyone from the 23-year-old daughter of his ex-wife's plastic surgeon to a Star magazine reporter to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to his eight children. His antics grew so egregious that in December, a Maryland judge ordered Gosselin to shut his mouth. We shudder to wonder what's going on in the heads of the eight young ones while daddy runs amok. Resolution: Think about the kids, Jon, think about the kids!

Charlie Sheen

Oh, Charlie Sheen. Just when it seemed the scandal-happy star had finally gotten his act together, he was arrested on domestic violence charges Christmas Day after allegedly brandishing a "switchblade" at his wife Brooke Mueller and threatening to kill her. Is it sad that his blow up wasn't completely unexpected, given his track record? Resolution: Be a better husband to your wife, count your blessings, and focus on "Two and a Half Men," the sitcom that remains no. 1 despite your antics.

Chris Brown

Speaking of domestic violence, Chris Brown committed one of 2009's most shocking star sins when he beat and bruised his pop star girlfriend Rihanna the night before February's Grammy awards. Brown kept silent about the charges against him for months, but once he started apologizing, he just didn't stop. Despite publicly saying sorry multiple times, Brown remains the no. 1 good egg gone bad in the music industry today. Resolution: Stop pleading your case, pour your passion into music and come back with an album so hot that everyone will remember why you became a star in the first place. And please, leave RiRi alone.


Rihanna has emerged a new woman since February's horrific turn of events. But often, that new woman isn't wearing a lot of clothes. She's done up in scant amounts of leather and lace when she hits the town; she's topless on the January cover of GQ. Pseudo-nudity is all well and good, but with Rihanna, something seems forced -- as if she's showing the world her body because she doesn't want to reveal the pain she might be feeling inside. Resolution: Keep looking fierce, but make sure to turn your attention inward, as well.

David Letterman

Know what's not funny? When a late-night comic uses his monologue to tell the world that he had sex with multiple staffers and forked over a bogus $2 million check as part of an extortion plot over the whole mess. That's not the kind of material most people want to hear from David Letterman. Resolution: Leave the extramarital affairs and extortion plots backstage; bring the funny when the cameras start rolling.

Lindsay Lohan

To be fair, Lindsay Lohan's been on the up and up in recent months. While she floundered after her breakup from Samantha Ronson earlier this year, now Lohan's reportedly dating a new guy, Gucci model Adam Senn. She's also expanding her 6126 leggings brand into a full-fledged fashion line, an endeavor that ought to keep her out of the clubs and at work. Resolution: focus on the fashion project and staying stable; ignore those trying to stir up trouble, even if -- especially if -- they're members of your own family.

Jessica Simpson

Way back in January 2009, Jessica Simpson made the fashion faux pas heard 'round the world. She donned a pair of high-waist jeans and a large leopard print belt at a chili cook off, triggering critics to foam at the mouth with insults about her apparent weight gain and lack of wardrobe sense. But Simpson turned extra pounds into extra cash when she signed on to headline VH1's upcoming reality series, "The Price of Beauty," which will follow her as she travels the world in search of what people find beautiful and why. Smooth move, Simpson. Resolution: Stay savvy, but avoid the high-waist and animal-print trends this year. No negative press is good press.

Kanye West

Yeah, Kanye West has an attitude. That helped him get to the top of the rap game. But his confidence got the better of him at September's MTV Video Music Awards, when he crashed Taylor Swift's Best Female Video acceptance speech to say that "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." 'Ye has since made amends, apologizing privately and publicly to Swift and stepping back from the spotlight to get his mind right. He's on the right track and poised to be better than ever in 2010. Resolution: Pour the controversy into a rhyme and drop a track that turns all the naysayers into 'Ye-sayers.

Lady Gaga

She's sexy and smart. Her fashion's irreverent and incomparable. Her music's unexpected and unparalleled. Resolution: Lady Gaga, don't change a thing.