Top 8 Most Coveted Celebrity Body Parts

Jolie's lips, McConaughey's abs, Kardashian's butt make the cut.

Nov. 17, 2009 — -- "Mirror, mirror on the wall, how can I look like the fairest starlet of them all?"

Apparently that's the question many Americans ask themselves prior to waltzing into their local plastic surgeon's office.

The same names sprawled across tabloid headlines come up often in consultations, where patients ask doctors to re-sculpt their facades to resemble the god- and goddess-like ones featured on TV and movie screens, according to a newly released survey of about 900 plastic surgeons.

Surgeons warn, however, that while they can wield a syringe and scalpel, they can't work magic.

"It's very hard to look like someone else," New York City-based surgeon Dr. John Bonanno said. "And the trend in cosmetic surgery can be summed up in one word: natural. Trying to look like someone else when your nose and cheekbones and chin are not like them will make you look very artificial in the end."

Frankly, people dead set on attaining Cameron Diaz's gams when their own legs more closely resemble Oompa-Loompas' ought to skip the surgeon and head straight to the psychiatrist, according to another specialist.

"It is an appropriate thought to admire a celebrity's nose, or eyes, etc., as an ideal or desirable look," said Michael McGuire, MD, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. While some of the ASPS' members participated in the 2008 study, which was conducted by an outside organization, the ASPS as a whole does not condone the practice of getting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity.

"It is usually unrealistic to want that nose or eyes without having the basic shape or size," McGuire added. "And, it may suggest some psychological issue to want a feature to make you look like that celebrity."

What follows are eight of the most coveted celebrity body parts, according to the survey. Note: Angie, zip your lips; Brad, watch your back.

Angelina Jolie: Women's Most Wanted Lips

Angelina Jolie's sensuous pout helped make her an international sex symbol, and it's no wonder women across the county want to mimic her mouth with collagen implants and the like. Scarlett Johansson's lips lie within kissing distance of Jolie's, with patients increasingly requesting the pout of the rising starlet.

Matthew McConaughey: Men's Most Wanted Abs

Whether on set of a movie or bumming around in Malibu, Matthew McConaughey rarely wears a shirt. If he ever owned an iron, it probably got tossed in the ocean long ago. When it comes time to throw on a suit for a premiere, he probably needs a refresher course in buttons, 101. Fine, enough; point is, with abs like that, of course, McConaughey's the envy of every man. And it's hardly a surprise they come to plastic surgeons enamored with his six pack but not the sit-ups and cardio required to get them au naturale.

Kim Kardashian: Women's Most Wanted Butt

Kim Kardashian made waves when she broke onto the Hollywood scene as Paris Hilton's party hanger-on, making photogs and fans wonder if all that junk in her trunk was God-given. She has insisted that her booty's as real as it gets, flaunting it in bikinis, spandex and, in the case of her Playboy spread, nothing at all. Another highly coveted, classic backside: the rear belonging to Jennifer Lopez, aka Jenny from the Block.

Brad Pitt: Men's Most Wanted Butt

Men want themselves a nice toosh, too, but not of Kardashian or Lopez proportions. Brad Pitt's firm, shapely posterior gets the gold for men's most-wanted butt in plastic surgeons' offices.

Jessica Simpson: Women's Most Wanted Breasts

Jessica Simpson's breasts are so divine, even her dad blessed them. In 2004, as she was breaking into the pop-music scene, her father, Joe, a former Baptist minister, bragged to, "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustiere, she's sexy in both. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!" Other women apparently seek out implants to receive the same ringing endorsement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Men's Most Wanted Chest

Although he's now governor of California and no longer the steel-bodied Terminator of years past, men still long for Arnold Schwarzenegger's pecs. His heaving chest inspired a host of imitators in the '90s, including the "Saturday Night Live" hit parody sketch, "Pumping up With Hans & Franz."

Madonna: Women's Most Wanted Cheekbones

At 51-years-old, there's no stopping the queen of pop, or her face. She looked radiant on the Oscar red carpet in February, with supple skin and nary a wrinkle. Not only do Madonna's cheekbones rise to inhuman heights, her skin is pulled so taut, it could serve as a drum in her backup band.

David Beckham: Men's Most Wanted Legs

It makes sense: footballer David Beckham works his legs scoring goals for soccer team L.A. Galaxy. So, of course, men around the country want his sculpted quads, hamstrings and calves. And if they can pick up a babe like Posh Spice with a body like Beckham's, all the better.