Tour the New Nixon Library and Museum With Richard Nixon's Grandson

The newly-renovated facility opens on Friday.

— -- History buffs have a new reason to visit the Nixon Library and Museum.

However, on Thursday, Nixon's grandson, Christopher Nixon Cox, gave ABC News a preview of what visitors can expect.

"We just really hope that this is a place where people can come and learn about [his] full record," Nixon Cox told ABC News. "You'll see a Richard Nixon that's maybe a little bit different than what you expected and then maybe the record as a whole is something you'll walk away from with a positive experience. And that's really what we're hoping for: that people will really look at that record in totality and have a new appreciation and a deeper appreciation for Richard Nixon."

The Library and Museum, located in Nixon's hometown of Yorba Linda, California, features a to-scale replica of the late president's Oval Office, as well as new exhibits focused on his foreign and domestic policies, among other topics.

For a look inside the museum and library, watch Nixon Cox's tour, above.