'What If' Trailer Celebrates the Romantic Comedy

We watch Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan fall in love and get caught in the rain.

ByABC News
May 31, 2014, 7:00 AM
A scene from the movie, "What If."
A scene from the movie, "What If."
CBS Films/YouTube

May 31, 2014 -- intro: If the recently debuted trailer for "What If" is any indication, the much-maligned romantic comedy is back and it's determined to win America's heart this summer. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver as Radcliffe's whacky best friend, "What If" ponders whether men and women can really be friends in the 21st century.

While we'll have to wait until Aug. 1, 2014, to find out for sure, we'd be willing to place our bets. After all, the trailer is an homage to a fabulously formulaic genre. Boasting a kicky soundtrack, a healthy dose of physical comedy, and lots of adorable lip biting, "What If" celebrates the kind of rom-com cliches that make movie magic.

"What If," you had us at hello.

We break down what happens When Wallace Meets Chantry, below.

quicklist: 1title: "Love Is Stupid" text: The trailer finds a forlorn Radcliffe spelling out "Love Is Stupid" in fridge magnets as people mingle behind him. Crowded, slightly out-of-focus party? Check. Lonely boy? Double check. media: 23935097

quicklist: 2title: Boy Meets Girltext: Wallace and Chantry "meet-cute" and proceed to play a competitive game of ping pong. Wallace is cynical. Chantry is vulnerable, but sassy! They are "meant 2 b." media: 23934878

quicklist: 3 title: Will They or Won't They text: Chantry tells Wallace that she has a boyfriend and suggests that they stay pals. Shenanigans and heartache ensues. They take long walks and make sweeping generalizations about love. They share Japanese food. Wallace inexplicably sticks his tongue out at Chantry. This says: "I am damaged, but exceedingly lovable!" We cheer! media: 23935198

quicklist: 4title: The Million-Dollar Question text: A Julia Stiles-like blonde asks Wallace: "Can men and women really be friends ... or do you secretly want to bang Chantry?" Spoiler alert: He does. media: 23934828

quicklist: 5 title: The Downpour text: Wallace and Chantry share an umbrella in the rain. media: 23934713

quicklist: 6 title: Tasteful Nuditytext: Then they exchange meaningful eye contact in a cramped dressing room. Chantry is almost naked. media: 23935247

quicklist: 7title: The Trans-Atlantic/Trans-Pacific Job Offer text: After Chantry fitfully declares that she doesn't know what she wants, she announces: "I've been offered a job in Taiwan. I'll be gone soon." Against the backdrop of suddenly haunting music, the camera cuts to a scene of her plane taking off.media: 23934778

quicklist: 8title: Chasing the Girl. Literally.text: Wallace runs through the streets. But does he run all the way to Taiwan? This is not clear. Somewhere Billy Crystal is, like, "Whatever, dude!"media: 23935296

quicklist: 9title: And Now, a Toasttext: Finally, Wallace gazes at a wide-eyed Chantry as he delivers a generic wedding toast that has absolutely nothing to do with the bride and groom. "It's very easy to be cynical about love until you've had that instant connection," says Radcliffe. "If you're lucky it happens once in a lifetime." Chantry clutches a glass of pinot noir. Tears are now silently streaming down our cheeks. media: 23934409

quicklist: 10title: Laugh It Offtext: And lest you forget that "What If" is a comedy, Adam Driver is on hand to remind you. These near perfect 194 seconds conclude with a crude anecdote, some quippy banter, and a whiff of bromance. media: 23935413