'No Truth' to Rumor Adele Has Confirmed Album, 2015 World Tour

Get the truth about the singer's next big move.

— -- The Internet was ablaze Wednesday with news that Adele had confirmed that she's prepping a new album and a world tour for 2015. Except, she didn't.

The Twitter account for the World Music Awards posted the following information Tuesday: "#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album ‘25’!" The Tweet has since been deleted.

But Adele herself hasn't tweeted anything of the sort, and her record label hasn't announced anything either.

In addition, the chairman of Beggars Group, the parent company of Adele's label, told Billboard that there is "no truth in this."

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As for why the World Music Awards would post this to begin with, it's a mystery. This year's ceremony took place May 27 in Monte Carlo, and was supposed to air on NBC, but that broadcast was postponed at the last minute. Indeed, the ceremony doesn't actually take place with any regularity, which has led one British tabloid to dub it the "Worst Music Awards," according to Billboard.

Rumors that Adele's new album would be called “25” started in May when she turned 26, and tweeted, "Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x." As for the world tour notion, it's possible that started because Adele recently sent a fan a handwritten thank you note, in which she said she'd be "coming to Brazil with my next album."