The Ultimate Lullaby! Musicians Play ‘Ode to Joy’ While Wearing Their Babies

Founder of Wrap Your Baby gathered musicians to play while wearing their babies.

This may just be the best lullaby ever!

Founder of Wrap Your Baby, Diana Rosenfield, gathered a group of musicians to play a very special performance of Beethoven’s classic, “Ode to Joy”— while wearing their babies.

The soothing gesture was released in honor of International Babywearing Week, and to point out that parents should “celebrate having their hands free for everything from housework to artistic pursuits,” as described in the video directed by John Roquermore.

The participating performers include parents from all backgrounds, ranging from professional musicians to friends of Rosenfield’s who haven’t played an instrument since high school.

“The musicians are all either friends of mine or members of the local babywearing group: Tampa Bay Babywearing,” Rosenfield told ABC News. “I would say that they are all my friends now even if I did not know them prior to this project.”

Watch as the babies gently rock along to the calming notes, some even falling into a sweet slumber against their mommy or daddy’s bodies as the symphony soothes them further and further asleep.