Why Vanessa Carlton is Excited to Go on Tour With Her Husband

The singer suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year but is ready to move on.

ByABC News
June 12, 2014, 3:54 PM
Vanessa Carlton at Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on May 13, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Vanessa Carlton at Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on May 13, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

June 12, 2014 — -- Vanessa Carlton is embarking on a short, fun two-week tour around the Northeast starting today, and she's bringing someone pretty special - her husband John McCauley.

"My husband is going to play guitar at some of the shows, which is such a treat," she told ABC News.

Carlton, 33, and McCauley tied the knot this past December and the singer said it's great to have that support system with her at her shows.

"The goal is to be on the road and not be away from your family too much, that's the struggle every musician deals with," she said.

One of the first stops on the tour will be at Rockaway Beach in New York this Saturday for the Surfrider Foundation and their 8th Annual Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, an effort to keep our beaches clean across the country.

This stop is perfect for Carlton, who said growing up, she was a "beach kid" and that her family "went to the beach every year. It was my mom's favorite place."

Aside from a new tour, Carlton has a new album "Liberman" she just finished a few months ago and is set to come out at "the end of next summer."

"This album is kind of like a dreamscape record, 10 songs, short, meant to be listened with headphones," she said. "Kind of peaceful and trippy, I just wanted it to feel like a dream ... There's a song called "Take it easy," I wanted it to be mellow, comforting... I wanted it to be like an escape."

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Months removed from an ectopic pregnancy she suffered in November, Carlton said she is "totally healthy now" and that she and her husband still "want to plan a family soon," though she has nothing to announce currently.

Before Carlton spoke about her experience last year on "The Doctors," she said she "was so freaked out by that whole experience" and "there wasn't very much information [out there] about it ... for women to talk about."

"I just felt like when people approached me about talking about it, I was like 'I am going to do this,' even though I'm a very private person and that was a very difficult experience, I actually felt better talking about it," she said. "I felt like if there's any woman who is in this situation, who is not sure if something is wrong or not ... if it's something I helped to perpetuate, then it was worth it."

She added, "I'm glad that's over."

An ectopic pregnancy is when the "fertilized egg implants somewhere outside the uterus," according to the Mayo Clinic and is usually extremely dangerous for the mother. These pregnancies are usually not viable for the baby and wasn't in Carlton's case.

Sharing something so personal, Carlton said the response has been positive.

"I've had a lot of people through Twitter and stuff say 'This happened to me' or 'Thanks so much,' but that's not why I did it," she said. "I really felt like there was nothing out there. No one really talks about stuff like that. People get really uncomfortable with miscarriages, but this is a little more dangerous than a miscarriage."