Why Victoria Beckham Is Selling 600 Pieces of Clothing From Her Wardrobe

The answer may surprise you.

The fashion designer is selling more than 600 pieces of clothing from her wardrobe to raise money for the charity mothers2mothers.

"People have asked, aren't I keeping all of these pieces for [my daughter] Harper?" Beckham said in a new video. "I'm keeping a few pieces, but for me, it was more important to raise money for this charity. As a woman, we have a responsibility to really help and support other women."

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Beckham, 40, has teamed up with the Outnet for the sale, which she has personally curated. The pieces she chose are not only beautiful, but wrought with sentimental value too.

"Every single piece that I have put in to be sold brought back a lot of memories. A lot of really, really happy memories of myself and David, of myself and the children, of different events I've been to," she said. "And a lot of these pieces have been made especially for me, but the designers. They haven't all been bought off of the shelf."