Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Models Reveal Untold Talents, Worst Pickup Lines

Marisa Miller's untold talent, Izabel Goulart's dream girl and more.

Nov. 20, 2009 — -- There are the things you expect to come out of the mouth of a Victoria's Secret model, like chatter about exercise regimens and prerunway personal prep.

Then, there are the things you don't, like revelations of a secret skill and a pickup line that actually works on a woman with the proportions of a goddess. caught up with four of the lingerie house's most bodacious beauties as they primped for Victoria's Secret's 2009 Fashion Show, which took place in New York Thursday night and will be broadcast nationwide Dec. 1.

Below, check out the dirt they divulged, and CLICK HERE or press play on the video clip to the left to go behind the scenes with the models.

Marisa Miller

On pickup lines: "Honestly, I think any pickup line is bad. It's always better just to be genuine and be yourself [but], I met my husband on a plane, and he actually started talking to my mom first, and that worked for him. So talk to the mom first."

On her secret talent: "I'm getting pretty good at baking. I love making pumpkin pies, apple pies. My dad really loves berry cobbler; I'm responsible for the baking during Thanksgiving."

Izabel Goulart

On pick-up lines: "The best pickup line is just a man doesn't talk. He just looks at you like, 'Hey, you're here, I'm here, can you feel me?' I don't like him to talk too much. I like to discover. The worst ... I don't like it when men follow me on the street. It's just not a good thing to do. When they start following you and saying, 'Oh, damn, look at these legs, look at this,' I'm like, 'Excuse me? I don't know you. How do you say those things out loud on the street?'"

On the kind of girl she finds attractive: "The kind of body I like is more muscles. I don't like really skinny girls. Today, all the girls are really really skinny, no boobs, no butt, nothing! This is not a girl! I really like girls with boobs, butt, everything."

Chanel Iman

On her secret talent: "I can ride a skateboard. I skateboard all the time. People don't know that. I can do a couple tricks; I can ride the board and lift it up and put it back down. I don't know the names of the tricks, but if you ever ride with me, I'll show you!"

Selita Ebanks

On her secret talent: "I can tap dance! In stilettos, in Christian Louboutins! [Proceeds to shimmy in leopard-print Louboutins.] No, I'm joking. If that's a talent, I suck at that."

On pickup lines: "These guys, they're just never gonna learn. Well, there's this funny one. People might think this is a bit racist, but it's funny. I was in Atlanta, I'm at the bar, and there's a white gentleman there and he says to me, 'How you doin', baby girl, how you doin'? And you know, he's aggressive, so I laughed a little bit. So he keeps going, and I had to say eventually that I wasn't interested. And he goes, 'Well, you know what they say. Once you go white, your credit goes right.' He said it and I made him say it all night to the rest of the bar. But thank God my credit is already right, honey. I don't need a man at all to do that."

ABCNews' Lee Ferran contributed to this story.