Viral National Anthem Singer Star Swain Brings Down the House With ‘GMA’ Performance

“I’m feeling absolutely wonderful. I’m super excited,” Swain said on "GMA."

July 1, 2016, 9:17 AM

— -- Star Swain turned into an overnight viral sensation after her impromptu performance of the National Anthem had people stopping in their tracks at the Lincoln Memorial while she was visiting Washington, D.C., with family on June 16.

The video of her incredible rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner has more than 15 million views on Facebook. This morning, Swain made her national television debut performing the anthem on “Good Morning America."

“I’m feeling absolutely wonderful. I’m super excited,” Swain said ahead of her performance. “There have been so many wonderful comments, so many expressions of love and support that have been coming. Also opportunities for different interviews with national broadcasting networks, so there have been a lot of amazing things happening.”

Swain, who lives in Florida, said her newfound fame has even opened doors to the possibility of her pursuing a career as a singer.

“There are plenty of people that are asking, ‘What are my plans from this moment forward?’ I’ve always dreamed of singing professionally,” she explained. “This is not my first time. I don’t just do it for fun, although it is fun. I’m hoping this will allow me the opportunity to continue to share my voice with the world.”

Viewers of Swain's initial performance at the Lincoln Memorial have also flooded her with high praise on Facebook.

“With everything going on in the world, to hear your rendition brought me to tears,” one user wrote. “Thank you for sharing. Haven't heard it sung this good since Whitney [Houston]. You are awesome. I'm sure the world will know you soon.”

An active duty service member was similarly moved, writing: “This gave me chills!!! What a beautiful gift and talent! See how God commanded attention and quieted everyone! Beautifully done! Sung with such conviction! As a Soldier, hearing the anthem is another reminder of why I've continued to serve such a nation!”

Swain, an assistant principal at the Jefferson County Middle/High School in Monticello, Florida, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in education policy and evaluation. She also sings in her church choir.

VIDEO: Woman Stuns With Impromptu National Anthem Performance
Star Swain stunned tourists with her surprise performance at the Lincoln Memorial while on a trip to Washington, D.C.

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