How to Win Joe Manganiello's Heart in 7 Steps

Joe Manganiello Heats Up Peoples Hottest Bachelor Issue

Fans of "True Blood" know that Joe Manganiello smolders on-screen. Now, he's got a title to prove it: People magazine named him the Hottest Bachelor. In the issue, the actor, 37, opened up about why he's single ("I just haven't found that right person!" he explained) and what he's looking for in a partner. Think you've got what it takes to win his heart? Here are a few of his must-haves.

Be a Good Person

The "Magic Mike" actor explained that he's looking for a woman he vibes well with, and this person sounds pretty great. "Someone I can trust. That I can talk to. That is supportive [and] fun-loving," he said. "And obviously, somebody that I'm attracted to!"

Have Physical Chemistry With Him

Manganiello was asked what advice his mother gave him and turns out, it's, well, of the intimate variety. Literally. "She said sex counts for about 40 percent of the relationship," he said, "but if it's bad it's 60!"

Let Him Pursue You

"A man falls in love by chasing," he explained. "It would be weird if I had a girl calling me, picking me up, holding the door open for me, paying for my dinner. I'm old-fashioned!"

Want to Have Children

He may be single now, but Manganiello wants to get married and have children one day. "But you have to do it in the right situation," he said. "I don't want to enter into something that I know is not gonna go the distance."

Be Honest

"My deal-breaker is cheating or lying," he said without flinching. "Period."

Be OK with Unpredictability

Manganiello explained that he's part Sicilian, which means he's a "passionate," "hot-blooded person." "If you don't like spicy," he warned, "then maybe I'm not for you."

Be a Big Eater

Not only does Manganiello always have Omaha steaks and boneless chicken breasts in his fridge, but he relaxes by enjoying one of his favorite meals, he said.

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