Your Three Words: 'Stella' by The Postelles

PHOTO: The soundtrack for this weeks Your 3 Words comes from The Postelles. The song is "Stella." The band members include: lead singer and guitarist Daniel Balk, lead guitarist David Dargahi bassist John Speyer and drummer Billy Cadden.PlayThe Postelles/Harper Smith
WATCH Your Three Words: 'Stella' by The Postelles

The soundtrack for this week's Your 3 Words comes from The Postelles. The song is "Stella."

The band is made up of four New York City born and bred members.

The band formed when they were in high school and was playing gigs around the city by the time they were seniors.

Lead singer and guitarist Daniel Balk and lead guitarist David Dargahi bonded over their love for the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Balk met bassist John Speyer when he was walking by the school's music rehearsal room and heard John playing the Beatles "Yesterday." Drummer Billy Cadden rounds out the foursome.

At one of their shows during high school, the band met Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.

They developed a relationship with Hammond, who provided encouragement and went on to produce their first EP "White Night." Hammond also co-produced their first full-length, self-titled album, which was released in June.

The band's music traces its roots back to 50's and early 60's icons such as Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke. The Postelles also count the Velvet Underground, The Ramones and Blondie among their influences.

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