'We Are the World': 30 Years After Recording the Classic Song

PHOTO: Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie at the 28th Annual Grammy Awards, Feb. 25, 1986.PlayKevin Winter/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
WATCH 1/30/1985: 'We Are the World' Recorded

"We Are the World" was recorded 30 years ago today in 1985.

The single was created and written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sold more than 20 million copies for charity. The album later won three Grammys and raised more than $60 million for work in Africa and the states.

What sticks in memory about "We Are the World" is the insane amount of celebrities that sang. The likes of Jackson, Richie, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon all got together for a great cause.

According to Songfacts.com, here is a quicklist of some of the biggest names for "We Are the World." How many do you remember? There's a lot, it was a 7-minute single!


Lionel Richie

Stevie Wonder

Paul Simon

Kenny Rogers

James Ingram

Billy Joel

Tina Turner

Michael Jackson

Diana Ross

Dionne Warwick

Willie Nelson

Al Jarreau

Bruce Springsteen

Kenny Logins

Steve Perry

Daryl Hall

Huey Lewis

Cyndi Lauper

Kim Carnes

Bob Dylan

Ray Charles

PHOTO: Front cover of the USA for Africa We are the World record album. Getty Images
Front cover of the 'USA for Africa We are the World' record album.

Chorus Singers (Notables) -- Don't forget about Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler

Dan Aykroyd

Harry Belafonte

Lindsey Buckingham

Bob Geldof

Jackie Jackson

La Toya Jackson

Marlon Jackson

Randy Jackson

Tito Jackson

Waylon Jennings

Smokey Robinson

Bette Midler

Sheila E.