Zelda Williams Takes Social Media Break Before Robin Williams' Birthday

The iconic comedian would have been 64 today.

One day before his birthday, his daughter, Zelda Williams, announced she would be taking some time away social media.

"I will be taking a break from social media in the coming weeks. It's a time better served away from the opinions or sentiments of others, and I appreciate your understanding," she wrote.

She continued, "In my absence, I understand there will be those who wish to leave messages regarding Dad on my board, but please attempt to be respectful and kind to one another in the process, both because I will not be here to delete or mediate trolling, and because kindness is in short supply these days anyhow Thanks guys. Buh-bye now!"

She also posted a joke on Twitter with a link to her longer post, "Thanks for all the kind thoughts. Taking a break for a bit. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone! ..."

Most of the comments on her social accounts after those posts went up have been "prayers" sent her way for her and her father, and reflections on how great a comedian he was.

Williams took his own life last August. Soon afterwards, Zelda Williams, took a break from social media, citing negative trolls, several of whose Twitter accounts were later suspended.