Zoe Saldana Finally Opens Up About Her Pregnancy

Find out when the actress is due, what she's craving and more.

However, on Wednesday night, she revealed that her due date is eight to ten weeks away and that so far, things have been going well.

"I feel great," she told said during an appearance "The Late, Late Show." "I'm hungry all the time!"

"It feels good. Food just tastes so delicious," she gushed. "It's really good because you trick yourself. Working in Hollywood, you trick yourself, going, 'That burger's disgusting. A burger is awful,'" but now that you're pregnant, you're like, 'I can eat all of that together at the same time! I can have the pickle with the doughnut and it will probably be life-changing.'"

However, Saldana said that she isn't craving anything specific, nor has she sent Perego out on a food-finding mission. Instead, her sleepless nights are spent watching crime mysteries and dreaming about receiving compliments on her changing physique.

"Now that I'm pregnant, I'm kind of itching for sex comments, compliments," she said. "Not getting picked up because my husband will kill you, but, [for someone to say], 'Your wife is looking really hot!' We like that."