SPOTLIGHT: Lili Estefan

— -- It is a balmy morning in sunny Miami when Lili Estefan, sporting exercise clothes and her signature smile, begins to talk about her two children. The more she recounts stories of their exploits, the more animated she grows. There is no doubt the co-host of Univision's "El Gordo y la Flaca" has taken to motherhood – a responsibility she once dreaded – with her characteristic humor and enthusiasm.

"¡Los niños tienen cada occurrencia!" ("Kids do the darndest things!") she says, laughing, and then launches into another tale involving son Lorenzo, 8, and daughter Lina, 5.

Estefan, 42, broke into the entertainment world in 1986 as a cast member of the immensely popular "Sábado Gigante" -- a mere six years after arriving in this country from Cuba. She quickly learned the ropes, hosting her own programs on local radio stations, acting in a short film and emceeing various festivals.

Though Estefan, niece of music mogul Emilio and singer Gloria, loves her job as La Flaca who interviews celebrities, it is clear her role as mother takes center stage. Framed photographs of her children line the walls of her office, and she admits proudly that she organizes her life around their activities of soccer and ballet.

Lili who is just about to celebrate her 10-year anniversary in the show sat down with Selecciones to share her wisdom and wit of raising kids in the limelight of fame:

S: Tell us about your kids.

ESTEFAN: Lorenzo is a millennium kid. He was born on October 30, 1999. He's sweet, a mix of the two of us. I think he looks like me but with his dad's coloring. He has my personality but he has dark hair, dark eyelashes and light eyes. My daughter was born in 2002, named Lina Teresa after her two grandmothers, and is 5 years old now. She's very much like her father, and is more similar to his family, but with my blonde hair and olive skin.

S: What activity or moment do you enjoy most with them?

ESTEFAN: I enjoy everything with them. I dance ballet so for instance, yesterday I taught Lina how to do a demiplie and the other day I played soccer with Lorenzito and I ended up straining a muscle. You know, it's just that you see them playing soccer and it seems easy until you try it.

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