Pussycat Dolls Rock 'GMA'

June 30, 2006 — -- The Pussycat Dolls performed live today at New York City's Bryant Park for "Good Morning America" as part of the Summer Concert Series. The group dazzled the crowd with "Don't Cha," "Buttons" and "Stickwitu," all hit singles from their debut album PCD.

The Dolls have been touring in Europe with the Black Eyed Peas. The performers barely made it back in time from Ireland yesterday -- but their luggage didn't.

"We just flew last night in from Dublin, we're just getting off our European tour, so really we're saying, 'Good Morning America,' " said Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls."And we lost our luggage. So we got fresh new, brand new underwear today."

"We're happy we made it. We missed all of our flights, the computers shut down in Dublin. But this is so worth it," she added.

The Pussycat Dolls has its roots in Los Angeles. The Dolls' first regular gig was a burlesque show at The Viper Room when Johnny Depp owned it.

The ladies are not staying put, despite their rough trip back from Ireland. They are heading back to London today.

To watch the Pussycat Dolls perform "Don't Cha" click here.

To watch the Pussycat Dolls perform "Buttons," click here.

To watch the Pussycat Dolls perform Stickwitu," click here.