10-Year-Old Writes Advice Book

ByABC News via logo
December 13, 2005, 7:55 AM

Dec. 13, 2005 — -- She's not the youngest author ever, but at 10, with one book under her belt and two more commissioned, Libby Rees is one of the most prolific young authors around.

Her 60-page book is designed to help kids survive their parents' divorce. Because, as all kids know, splitting up is hard to do. "Hope, Help and Happiness" began as a list, a kind of self-help guide Libby used to help her cope when her own parents decided to split more than three years ago.

She got the idea when she was out with her mom walking the dog. Throwing a stick for the dog to fetch, she said, was the same as throwing away something that bothered her. Returning home, she expanded on that idea and e-mailed her list to a couple of publishers.

Aultbea Publishing in Inverness, Scotland, liked the list so much the company flew the student over, and a deal was made. Libby lives in Hampshire, outside London.

Charles Faulkner, who runs Aultbea, said he was astonished by Libby's ability to put thoughts into words and described her as an unbelievable talent.

Libby's grandmother, who is visiting for pre-Christmas celebrations, said she knew her granddaughter was bright, but "I am surprised. This is quite an achievement."

Eileen Loughnan said Libby wasn't too happy at the time of her parents' split. But she said Libby worked through it and would now like to help other kids do the same.

"I know I'm sounding awfully proud, grandmotherish," Loughnan said. "Libby is such a kind girl."

Some of Libby's tips:

Some of the money from the sale of Libby's book will go to the Save the Children Charity.