Oldest Woman to Give Birth Celebrates Daughter's First Birthday

ByABC News via logo
January 18, 2006, 7:19 AM

Jan. 18, 2006 — -- The world's oldest woman to give birth is celebrating another milestone today -- her daughter's first birthday.

At age 66, Adriana Iliescu became pregnant through in vitro fertilization with donor eggs, and one year ago today, she gave birth to Eliza Maria. The miracle baby weighed 3 pounds, and while Iliescu could not breast-feed, she created a way to form a connection with her daughter.

"If you keep the child close to your heart and you talk to the child and the child smells the scent of the mother, a strong bond is created between mother and child," Iliescu said, with the help of a translator.

Iliescu said she had one regret when it came to her daughter.

"I am sorry that I don't look like a young woman for my daughter," Iliescu said. "I am always amazed when I look in the mirror and I see myself. There is such a difference between what I feel and what I see."

Iliescu compared herself to an active and intelligent grandmother.

"A little sport, a little activity and an active intellectual life, the body becomes younger because there are some hormones which are generated in the brain during intense intellectual activity that make you feel better," the literature professor said. She said she planned to work well into her 80s.

Iliescu said her biggest concern was her daughter's well-being. But she doesn't worry about the future or question her unconventional choice.

"I am happy!" Iliescu said. "It's a very big feeling, which I didn't have many times in my life. I feel fulfilled, like I have achieved my greatest desire."