Avoiding Simple Fashion Faux Pas

Nov. 8, 2004 -- -- Don't you just hate it when a small detail ruins an otherwise perfect outfit? "Real Simple" magazine's Kristin Van Ogtrop revealed some of the basic mistakes women make and how they can easily be fixed on "Good Morning America."

Peek-a-Boo Lingerie:
While many women think they should wear a white bra under a white shirt, Ogtrip says women should choose a nude or flesh tone-colored bra instead.

Gapping blouse:
When there is gap in your button-down shirt, it can appear that the shirt is too small. Ogtrop suggests using double-sided tape, from your local drug store, to close the gap. She says this will give the shirt a fitted and clean appearance.

Visible panty line:
A visible panty line can call attention to an area of your body that you might not want to be on display. If you prefer full-back panties over a thong, you should choose panties that have a flat seam, like the new boy-shorts from Jockey.

Unopened vent:
Coats and skirts often come with a back vent that's been sewn shut. Many people don't realize that the vent is supposed to be opened. Ogtrip says consumers should cut open the vent by snipping the thread that holds the vent closed. Opening the vent will provide the coat or skirt with more movement, Ogtrip said.

Winter-Appropriate Layering:
Don't try wearing a half-shirt or half-sweater in the winter. You can add a camisole or tank top underneath your shorter tops to provide warmth and coverage.

Visible tags:
Since a scarf is an accessory used to complement your outfit, it should not have a tag. If you want to keep the tag for washing instructions, put it on a bulletin board in the laundry room or keep it in a drawer.