Excerpt: 'Dying for Mercy' by Mary Jane Clark

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August 11, 2009, 10:21 AM

Aug. 12, 2009— -- Author Mary Jane Clark dropped by "Good Morning America" to give us a sneak peek at her new book "Dying for Mercy."

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At Pentimento, a renovated estate in wealthy Tuxedo Park, N.Y., the host of a gala is found dead in an apparent suicide. Attending the event is Eliza Blake, co-host of the morning TV show KEY to America, who's determined to get to the bottom of the crime.

She and her colleagues, producer Annabelle Murphy, cameraman B.J. D'Elia and psychiatrist Margo Gonzalez realize that Pentimento holds the key. The mansion is full of clues hidden in its fireplaces, fountains and frescoes that all lead to the killer's victims. As Eliza keeps digging, it seems that no resident in the tony town is safe.

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A few hours from now ...The moonlight trickled through the glass roof. He pulled a large claypot from the corner of the room and sat on the cold ground beside it.Then he removed his shoes and socks.

To be accurate, he would have had to use thick nails and a lanceto make the wounds—but how would he be able to hammer the nailsinto both his hands or maneuver the long spear into his own side? Thehunting knife would have to do.

He held the blade in his right hand first. He drew up his kneesso that his feet would be as close to the rest of his body as possible.Leaning forward, he positioned the point of the knife over his foot. Heclosed his eyes and pushed.

He let out a long groan while pulling out the knife. Then he quicklyrepeated the motion on the other foot. He tried to block his mind fromthe searing pain, directing his thoughts instead to the greater goodthat would come from this act.

Turning his left palm upward, he held the back of his hand againstthe ground to steady it. The knife found its mark in the middle of hislifeline.

He must act quickly, not knowing how rapidly he would bleed outor if he would lose consciousness. He transferred the hunting knifeto his left hand, opened his right hand, and stuck the blade into hispalm. There was only one thing remaining to do.

You look pretty, Mom."

Facing the mirror, Eliza stared at the reflection of the childstanding behind her in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Janie was wearing her soccer uniform. One kneesock was bunchedaround her thin ankle, dirt smudged both her knees, and more wispsof brown hair sprang free from her ponytail than were caught up in it.

Her cheeks were still slightly flushed from running up and down theschool field. Turning, Eliza bent and kissed her seven-year-old daughteron the top of the head.