New Trends for the New Year

'GMA' looks at the fashion, food and lifestyle trends in 2010.

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December 8, 2009, 1:52 PM

Jan. 1, 2010— -- So what new trends will 2010 bring? "Good Morning America" asked Jane Buckingham, founder of trend forecasting company Trendera, to tell us what's hot and what's not.

2009: Boyfriend Jean
2010: Motorcycle Jean
"The boyfriend jean was such a big trend because everyone wanted that relaxed, easy fit," Buckingham said.

But this year Buckingham thinks the motorcycle jean will be popular because it is different from other jeans, with patches and an edgy, rugged look.

"This year people are only going to buy if it looks different and it looks special," Buckingham said.

2009: Men's Skinny Jeans
2010: Men's Rolled Up Jeans
Men are getting much more fashionable. In 2009 we saw men wear skinny jeans. This year Buckingham said the rolled-up jean will be popular.

"Men are having fun with their looks…this is stylish, but not hard to achieve," Buckingham said, adding that men can use regular jeans and roll them up.

"If (men) do want something new, go for the flood pants," Buckingham said.

2009: Layered, Long Chunky Necklaces
2010: Oxidized gold and black vintage jewelry
"I would say that 2009 was all about the bib necklaces and the real statement piece," Buckingham said. "In 2010 it will be a little bit more of a shift towards estate-looking jewelry."

The founder of Trendera said vintage and oxidized gold jewelry will be the trend in 2010, but said that women should not throw out their old necklaces.

"I don't think the layered look will go out…(it) adds dimension," Buckingham said.

2009: Green Nail Polish
2010: Gray Nail Polish
Chanel sets a lot of fashion trends, Buckingham said. Its 2009 green nail polish, which was based on colors from Chanel's runway, was so popular it sold out.

For 2010 Chanel has a mauve grey color, which Buckingham called "a little more sophisticated" than the green.

2009: Thigh-High Boots
2010: Lace-Up Hiking Boots
People want to be outside, having fun and being active, Buckingham said. With that in mind she believes the lace-up hiking boot will be the new trend.

"A lot of the Doc Martens, a lot of the more rugged look with the boots…again, it is sort of that edge we saw with the (motorcycle) jeans," Buckingham said.

But don't throw out those thigh-high boots just yet.

"I think that probably we will still see the thigh-high boots for a little while," Buckingham said. 2010: Coconut

2009 was all about pomegranate, Buckingham said. And although that flavor will stay through 2010, she said that coconut will be next.

Buckingham pointed to coconut-flavored water products, such as Zico, which are being called "nature's Gatorade."

"As people look to be health-conscious it is a good alternative," she said.

Coconut Lip Frosting from Philosophy and Coco Cacao 100, a combination of cacao and coconut water, are also becoming popular.

2009: Social Networking
2010: Social Narrow Casting Sites
Buckingham said that while Facebook is not going "out," the trend will change towards narrower communities which are based on groups or geographic locations.

"People aren't going to want everything being broadcast to everyone. Because you don't want your boss to see where you partied on Saturday night…you don't want your grandma to see what your friends see," she said.

Instead, Buckingham said applications like Foursquare, which allows people to post their whereabouts via a cell phone so friends can meet them, will become more popular.

2009: Exotic Dishes
2010: Comfort Food

While dishes like sushi or exotic noodles will always be around, in 2010 Buckingham said people will stay home and munch on comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese.

"Life is a struggle now and we want things we know we love," she said, adding "People want to go to back to basics."

2009: Energy Drinks
2010: Relaxation Drinks

Forget caffeine or stimulation – relaxation drinks will be the new trend in 2010.

"People feel so on edge…they are so stressed out the last thing they need is more energy, more stress in their life," Buckingham said, pointing to the rise of drinks such as iChill or Drank.

2009: Green Products
2010: Green Lifestyles

New lines of eco-friendly pots and pans, such as Green Cooking Pots, eco-vacations and green weddings are all steps towards a green lifestyle.

Buckingham said in 2010 more people will be looking for ways to green their lives "because it's the right thing to do." 2010: Growing Your Own Food

2010 will bring a greater focus on healthy, non-toxic foods and many people will begin growing their own fruits and vegetables, according to Buckingham.

"I think they want to (live) as healthy as they can, I think it goes with that whole green lifestyle," she said. "But I also think that this is a very high-end trend."

2009: Ruffles
2010: Cutouts

The trend guru said clothing with shapes cut out of the sides or the back of the dress will begin to replace ruffles in 2010.

"I think it goes again to that idea that it has to be dramatic to make you buy it, it really has to look different," Buckingham said.

2009: Spirituality
2010: Hipster Religion

"People want that sense of community but they don't want it in that traditional or mandated fashion," Buckingham explained.

Instead she said people will look for communities through nontraditional ways such as a combination of religions.

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