Cyber Monday Deals: Five Online Shopping Tips

How to click, search and browse your way to the best bargains.

Nov. 30, 2009— -- More than 96 million people are expected to click, search and browse their way through online holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, according to a survey conducted for That is up from 85 million in 2008.

So where should you click to find the best bargains? "Good Morning America" asked professional bloggers who hunt for online deals to share their secrets.

Tip One: Compare Prices on Sites

Use a site like Extrabux to compare prices, find coupon codes and get cash back for making your purchases.

"It's a cash back site, it's an online shopping portal, but it also has a comparison-shopping element as well. So if you're looking (for) the Tickle Me Elmo Hands, you'll find where the best deal is first and then make your purchase and get the cash back," Erin Gifford from, said.

Tip Two: Free Gifts

Look for free gifts that you can turn into presents. For instance, if you buy $25 worth of makeup online at Sephora you will receive a free clutch purse.

"I think if would be a nice stocking stuffer for someone in your life who was into makeup or beauty products," said Annie Mebane, from

Tip Three: Use Internet Enabled Phones

A new study by BIA Kelsey says 30 percent of adult Americans have an Internet-enabled smartphone, which blurs the line between online shopping and shopping in a physical store. Rich Broida, from Cheapskate blog on CNET, suggests shoppers should make their phones earn their keep.

"There are apps that will turn your camera into a barcode scanner, and so let's say you're in a store and you're about to buy something and you think, 'Wow, I wonder if I could get a better deal for this online for this product?' Well just whip out your phone, point the camera at it, and in a matter of seconds it will scan the barcode and return information about pricing from any number of different online stores," Broida said.

Tip Four: Search for Online Coupons

Tip Five: When Should You Buy Online?

If you are looking to buy apparel and books wait until the last day of free shipping, since there will probably be more discounts in the coming weeks. The free shipping before Christmas deadline is December 17 for most sites.

Toys and DVDs should be purchased now because they could become scare this year since manufacturers have cut down on production.

Wait to buy items from stores such as Target or Best Buy, which have price guarantees. Should the item go on sale after you purchase it they will refund you the difference. The later you buy an item the more time you have for the price to fall.

Shoppers can use a site such as which will help track what you bought, where you bought it and what you paid and e-mail you if the product is marked down after you buy it.

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