Oprah Winfrey's and Gayle King's Picks: Best Holiday Gifts

Budget-friendly ideas for everyone on your shopping list.

Dec. 1, 2010 — -- It's that time again to agonize over getting the right holiday gift for someone on your list without breaking the budget.

Gayle King appeared on "Good Morning America" this morning to show some of O magazine's picks for the best gifts of the season.

As editor-at-large for O Magazine, she got a little help from her friends. Fellow contributors Dr. Mehmet Oz, Nate Berkus, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Suze Orman and others sent in their favorites, too.

Oprah's Picks

Owl Pajamas. Snuggly sleepwear is originally $85, but you can get it for $68 if you use the code OPRAH. Get it from piggypajamas.com.

"Life," the 11-part Discovery Channel series, was narrated by Winfrey. The series was filmed across every continent and took more than 3,000 days to record. The DVD set is originally $49, but you can get it for $39 at discoverystore.com if you use the code OPRAH.

Dr. Oz's Pick

Single Origin Chocolate Bars. Oz says there is such a thing as a healthy treat. You just have to make sure it contains 70 percent cacao or more (Single Origin has at least 72 percent). They're originally $7, but you can get them for $ if you use the code OPRAH at moonstruckchocolate.com

Suze Orman's Picks

Orman likes to give gifts that are consumed, because she doesn't want to add to anyone's clutter. She believes a true gift doesn't burden the recipient.

Good fortune envelopes. Use the code OPRAH to get 40 envelopes for $2 at asianideas.com. They were originally $3. You can use the envelopes to give cash, presenting money with the honor Orman believes it deserves.

Black & Decker Studio shredder. It may seem like an odd gift at first, but Orman loves to give this gift because it protects your identity. Use the code OPRAHFAV and get it for $40 at Amazon.com. It's originally $50.

Nate Berkus' Picks

Berkus looks for well-designed gifts. The design expert's gifts deliver style and friendship.

Tiffany monogrammed cards; perfect for a family that likes to play. Get it for $30 at tiffany.com.

Funny face camera. Fisheye One camera is a fun way to capture a crazy New Year's Eve party. Get it for $50 at lomography.com

Gayle King's Picks

Cape Clogs Spring Bouquet, $68 at capeclogs.com when you use the code OPRAH. They're originally $85, and come in 39 patterns.

Sweet Saint Nick, a chocolate Santa Claus. You can get it for $8 (it's originally $10) at bissingers.com when you use Oprah code 1234.

Action Pack Exercise Videos; these exercise videos from Jari Love, Steve Hayes, and Chalene Johnson are like the gift of a personal trainer. Use the code OPRAH to get Jari Love's "Get Extremely Ripped! 1000" DVD, for $12 at jarilove.com. It's originally $15. Get "The Hayes Way" DVD, originally $16, for $12 when you use code OPRAH at thehayesway.com. Turbo Jam, a five-disc set, costs $60 at beachbody.com.

Dr. Phil's Pick

Dr. Phil likes to give gifts that strengthen your relationship. His pick is the ancestry kit from Ancestry.com. You can learn about each other's family with Family Tree Maker 2011. Get it for $32 (down from $40) at familytreemaker.com when you use code OPRAH. This item has user-friendly software.

Valerie Monroe's Pick

Monroe is the beauty director of O Magazine. Her pick is the Clinique Click and Be Happy mix and match perfume and lipstick set. Get it for $28 from macys.com.

Adam Glassman's Pick

O magazine's style expert picked an infrared remote-controlled helicopter that's good for indoor and outdoor use. Get it from ideeli.com for $39 when you use the code OSHOP. It's originally $80.

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