Cindy McCain: Sarah Palin Coverage Is Sexist

EXCLUSIVE: "If [Palin] were a man, these questions would not be asked at all."

ByABC News via logo
September 3, 2008, 4:11 PM

Sept. 3, 2008 — -- Prospective first lady Cindy McCain tells ABC News' "Good Morning America" she "absolutely" believes sexism is behind critical coverage of her husband's vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- even though Palin months ago slammed Hillary Clinton's "perceived whine" in making similar complaints during the Democratic primary.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer, Cindy McCain blasted the overall coverage of Palin as sexist -- and specifically an Us Weekly cover headlined "Babies, Lies and Scandal."

"I think it's insulting," McCain told Sawyer. "I think it's outlandish. And for whatever reason, the media has decided to treat her differently, because, I believe, because she's a woman."

While McCain believes sexism has fueled much of the criticism against Palin, she didn't disagree with conservative commentator and radio host Rush Limbaugh's assertion of the governor.

"We're the ones with a babe on the ticket," Limbaugh said.

"She is. She's lovely. I think she's beautiful," McCain said in response to the comment.

McCain has taken particular exception to some critics questioning whether Palin should take on the responsibility of being vice president given her five children, one of whom has special needs and her 17-year-old daughter Bristol, who is five months pregnant.

"As a woman, as a mother… with a big family and a busy family, and running a business and everything else, I'm insulted that they would even suggest she couldn't do the job," McCain said.

McCain also insisted that her husband was aware that Palin's teenage daughter pregnant and described the pregnancy as "wonderful."

"This is family and families have issues," McCain said. "And what a joy. They're going to have a new grandbaby I mean, a new life. It's wonderful."

Palin accepted the GOP's vice presidential nomination Wednesday night in a prime time address at the Republican National Convention.

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