Allison Janney celebrates her Oscar win with 'Mom' co-star Anna Faris

She brought the statuette to set.

"Allison won!!! And I got to hold it!!!!" Faris captioned the shot. "It’s heavy as s---!!!"

Added actress Mimi Kennedy, who plays Marjorie on the show: "That award is really heavy. Like so many of the awardees say! Literally and figuratively!"

"I think at a certain point, I had given up thinking this would happen for me because I just wasn't getting the kind of roles in film that would give me attention like this," she said. "That's what my very good friend ['I, Tonya' screenwriter] Steven Rogers did for me. He says he did it -- wrote this for me to do just that, to show a different side of me and show that I could -- what I could do, and I will never be able to repay him."

Still, she admitted that she was grateful to have a job to go to after all the excitement of the awards ceremony.

"It could go to your head," she conceded. "I'm going to have a big crash down after this. So I'm happy that I have 'Mom' -- the people at 'Mom' to lift me up and keep me -- keep me going and keep me focused. And I'm just happy to have a job to go to tomorrow. But this is extraordinary."