'The Bachelor' recap: What does Arie do about Krystal?

The contestant is quickly becoming this year's villain.

The tone was set for romance, Florida-style. The girls were staying at the W hotel and Arie came by and asked Chelsea on a date, and took her out on a giant yacht, which prompted her to exclaim, "I'm on a dreamboat but I'm also with a dreamboat."

Maquel returned from her grandfather's funeral in time to see Chelsea making out with Arie, which she confessed made her nauseous.

Back at the hotel, Tia, the country girl from Arkansas, found out she got the next one-on-one with Arie.

The group date was an afternoon at a bowling alley. The girls got to pick their own teams to compete with the caveat that the winning team goes to the after-party and the losers go home.

Krystal's team won but then Arie had second thoughts about the losers not being allowed to come to the after-party, so he changed his mind. Could it be because Bekah M. was among the girls on the losing team?

Back at the hotel, Krystal pouted about Arie changing his mind and announced that she'd packed her bags and was not going to the party. The girls went to the party and told Arie why Krystal wasn't there, so he went to confront her.

Krystal tried to explain her position and Arie countered that she should have confronted him directly because when couples run from their problems then bad things happen. Arie told her not come to the party and he would see her later.

But Krystal was not to be tamed and showed up at the lounge as the girls were talking about her. Then the girls confronted Krystal who decided to leave. Lauren got to spend some time with Arie and later he gave her a rose.

Arie then took Tia on an airboat cruise through the Everglades. Later they met Gerald, who owns a house in the middle of the Glades. Gerald offered them some frog legs, yellow belly catfish and deep-fried corn on the cob. Tia explained frog gigging to Arie and they cuddled on a porch swing.

Later, over dinner Tia told Arie she's falling in love with him and he gave her a rose. Then she confessed to the camera, "This is the perfect way to end this date. I feel like he's falling for me like I'm falling for him."

Later, the girls gathered before the Rose Ceremony and Krystal said, "Yesterday, I wasn't hiding in my room. I was investing in myself and growing from the -- the struggle that happened and the challenge. Like, I was discovering. And I realized that I'm invested in my relationship with Arie because when he brought me to Scottsdale and showed me what life would be like with him, it was so clear to me, like, how I would fit in. I want to be with Arie at the end of all this. So I'm gonna do what I need to do to make sure that Arie gives me a rose tonight."

Later, Arie and Krystal talk and she tries to play it cool and says, "This could be our first fight," to which Arie replied, "This could be our last fight."

As Chelsea, Tia and Lauren already had roses, Bekah M. got the first rose, which was telling; she was followed by Sienne, Kendall, Becca K., Jacqueline and Jenna. The last rose went to Krystal, which fans did not love. Maquel, Ashley and Marikh went home.

Coyly sniffing her rose, Krystal looked at the camera and said, “If the girls thought that I was a trip before, then watch out, ladies!”

Next week, Arie and the remaining 10 women head to Paris.

"The Bachelor" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.