Beyonce releases 'Be Alive' from new Will Smith movie 'King Richard'

This marks Beyonce's first new music of the year.

November 12, 2021, 2:55 PM

Beyoncé dropped her first new music of the year on Friday with "Be Alive," a song from the new Will Smith movie, "King Richard."

The film tells the story of how Richard Williams, portrayed by Smith, trained daughters Venus and Serena Williams to become tennis superstars.

The 28-time Grammy winner sings: “It feels so good to be alive / Got all my family by my side / Couldn't wipe this Black off if I tried / That's why I lift my hеad with pride."

"The marriage of a movie and a song is a kind of magic that's unmatched in entertainment," Smith told Entertainment Weekly. "I was so happy when Beyoncé called."

Beyoncé and Serena Williams previously worked together when the four-time Olympic gold medal winner appeared in the "Sorry" music video in 2016.

"There was no other person that could do the song except for Beyoncé, because I feel we've had a similar path in our lives. We trained from an early age to reach a goal," the tennis legend said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last week."For us it was really only one answer and she embraced that. There was just no doubt in her mind that that belonged to her as well."

"The original song is amazing," Serena Williams added. "It all came together really so perfectly."

"Be Alive" is heard during the closing credits of "King Richard," which debuts in theaters and streams exclusively on HBO Max beginning in Nov. 19.

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