BTS by the numbers: How their massive fandom adds up

K-pop superstars kick off the 'Good Morning America' 2019 Summer Concert Series.

ByCaterina Andreano, Jay Alpert, and Joel Lyons via logo
May 14, 2019, 5:11 PM

Is there any band on the planet bigger than BTS right now?

Well, maybe not, given the seven members who make up the global sensation. But the K-pop superstars, known for explosive stage shows, are also the perfect act to kick off “GMA’s” 2019 Summer Concert Series with a bang during a live performance in New York City on May 15.

To celebrate the occasion, “GMA” and some friends took a dive into some data to find facts, figures and totals that demonstrate the dedication of their fans, known as the BTS Army.

Here’s what we learned:

Which U.S. states listen to BTS the most?

According to Spotify, BTS is currently streaming the most in these locations:
1. Hawaii
2. California
3. Nevada
4. New Jersey
5. Texas

But which songs are the most popular in these states?

BTS definitely has their fair share of hits, but no singular song dominates the list of favorites heard across the country. Here are the top streamed songs in the states above:
Hawaii - “Miss Right”
California - “Mikrokosmos”
Nevada - “Embarrassed
New Jersey - “HOME”
Texas - “Intro: Singularity”

How big is BTS on YouTube?


The band has more than 18.5 million subscribers on the video platform.

And their collective videos have been watched more than 2.5 billion times. Yes, billions with a B.

How big are they on social media?

@BTS_twt, where the members themselves post messages, has nearly 20 million followers.

Meanwhile, the band’s @bts_bighit account, and that of their label, @BigHitEnt, pull 15.3 million and 10.2 million, respectively.

Their Facebook account has nearly 9 million followers and 17.2 million devotees keep tabs on the group on Instagram.

Speaking of Twitter, what are their most retweeted posts

According to Twitter, these five posts really made the rounds:

How much has their LOVE MYSELF campaign raised?

BTS’ LOVE MYSELF campaign -- a collaboration between the band, its label Big Hit Entertainment and UNICEF -- seeks to end violence, and ensure children and teens live safe and healthy lives via various donations and programs.

So far, the fund has raised more than $2 million and the accompanying hashtag, #BTSLoveMyself, has appeared more than 10 million times across social media.

Tune into “GMA” on Wednesday, May 15 to see what’s sure to be one of the most talked about performances of the summer.