Carrie Ann Inaba shares reflective post ahead of new year: 'Allow yourself to have hope again'

Inaba encouraged her followers to look inward and practice gratitude.

December 29, 2022, 12:12 PM

Carrie Ann Inaba is looking ahead to 2023.

The "Dancing With the Stars" judge took to Instagram on Dec. 28 to share a lengthy and thought-provoking message in which she encouraged her followers to "reflect about the year we've just experienced" and look ahead "to the year that's coming and the possibilities in what has yet to be."

"I believe we are embarking into a new chapter of human existence," Inaba, who turns 55 on Jan. 5, wrote. While she noted that this is a big statement, she believes "that big changes are happening at a very deep level. And we are a part of that change."

The former Fly Girl asked followers these questions: "What do you love? What excites you? What is lacking in your existence and you realize you need more of? What feels just right?"

"If we acknowledge these things we are taking the first steps towards creating a future that will be better suited to you. Knowing what works and taking a moment to be grateful for it is powerful," she continued. "Allow yourself to have hope again."

Inaba said that being honest with yourself on what is lacking in your life helps "create a foundation for a future where those spaces can be configured more towards your own needs."

"And by stating what you really love, and what excites you - is a way to recommit to your soul's true path," she added. "When you claim what you love, and you envision it in your life, you generate happiness - and joy is contagious."

Inaba concluded her post by writing, "I wonder what would happen if we all believed in ourselves enough to truly be honest with our intentions, to take a true inventory of our lives and then DARE to take the steps towards what we'd really like to be living with gratitude and excitement.... and HOPE."

In the comments section, Inaba opened up about the things that she loves, the things that excite her, what she feels is lacking in her life and what feels right -- the answers she posed in her original post.

"I love creating. I love helping people. I get excited about collaborating on creating things that have never been before. I am lacking a bit in the social arena these days, although for now that feels right for me, so I'm honoring it," she said. "And well, I could also add that there hasn't been a lot of sensuality or intimacy and that feels like a 'lack' that I'd like to shift into abundance. And what feels 'just right' is the way I have learned to take care of myself and my health."

"I love who I am and I am really proud of the choices I have been making as of late," Inaba gushed. "And I say that knowing I've made some mistakes and have had some clumsy moments in this part of my evolution, but I'm really feeling like this is working."

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