Courteney Cox playfully schools 'Scream' co-star for pretending to be Monica from 'Friends'

"Some things are off limits," Cox captioned her post featuring the skit.

In a little skit they played out on Instagram, Courteney Cox busted her "Scream" co-star Melissa Barrera for being a little too obsessed with "Friends."

The episode Cox posted online started with a guitar riff and a tilt up to a building, specifically 90 Bedford street in Lower Manhattan -- more specifically, the building that was used as the exterior shots of Monica Gellar's apartment on the hit sitcom.

The musical interlude, with the camera tilting up at the building, perfectly imitated the show's trademark scene transitions. But in this case, Barrera walks towards the famous façade.

"Melissa, how are you?" Cox stops the actress in her tracks. "Where are you going?"

Barrera replies, "I'm just going home."

Cox says, "Hm, that's weird. I don't think that's your home," before adding, "I'm actually really happy you joined the 'Scream' cast, but this is not OK. This is off limits."

"No, Melissa. No," Cox continues. "There's only so much. Come on, go back to the Heights," snarkily referencing the younger actress' role in "In the Heights."

Barrera storms off, with a Monica-like "I KNOW!"

"Stop imitating me!" Cox yells, before huffing to herself, "Oh, so pathetic!"

The cute exchange got more than 560,000 likes on Instagram in less than a day.

The pair will share the screen again when the fifth "Scream" film comes out next November. See the trailer for the film here.