Create your own DIY red carpet for your Oscars party

Do it yourself.

There's plenty of ways to pull this off, depending on your budget. From a 15-foot long polyester runner, starting at $9.99, to a 25-foot pile red carpet, starting at $144.

Here are some other ideas to make your red carpet complete:

Velvet ropes
Make your red carpet super official, by adding red velvet ropes for protection. You know, just in case your party is stormed by fans -- or the neighbors. Here's one option from Global Industrial, starting at $26.95.


Add a few lights to your red carpet to make it the perfect photo opportunity. After all, the whole point of a red carpet is to get the perfect shot. You can grab professional lights for as low as $50 from Walmart, or $16 from Westcott.

Have you, or a few friends, pretend they're paparazzi for your red carpet. If you use a smartphone or a Polaroid camera, you'll give your guests memories immediately. It could also serve as a pretty cute party favor.