Drew Barrymore reveals how she will tell her daughters about her 'wild' past

"I was just living my life, trying to figure out who I was."

October 07, 2021, 1:43 PM

Drew Barrymore said she isn't going to hide anything about herself from her daughters, including stories from her "wild" past.

Speaking on her eponymous daytime talk show, the "Charlie's Angels" star said, "I have become this mother that is ironically very chaste, very pillars-of-appropriateness -- and I tell my daughters all the time, 'The truth is, you're going to find out that I wasn't always like that and you're gonna be uber-confused."

Barrymore said when her daughters -- 9-year-old Olive and 7-year-old Frankie -- eventually "see pictures of me or my wild stuff" they will need to view them "in the terms of art and expression."

She said she is preparing for when her daughters inevitably try to use her controversial past against her and try to tell her, "Mom, look at what you did."

"That's the other thing -- you don't know you're going to be a parent one day when you're figuring it all out. None of us are like, 'Well, you know, one day, this is going to be cataloged.' I never thought about it. I was just living my life, trying to figure out who I was,'" she quipped.

Despite the future road bumps that may lie ahead, the "Santa Clarita Diet" star said, "This is my favorite chapter of life. Parenting is the hardest and it's the most challenging and it's the most exhausting [thing], but it is the most fulfilling, eye-opening, incredible [experience]."

Barrymore shares Olive and Frankie with ex-husband Will Kopelman, whom she was married to from 2012 to 2016.

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