Ed Sheeran reveals sweet meaning behind daughter Lyra Antarctica’s name

Sheeran and wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their 1st child together last August.

July 2, 2021, 11:51 AM

Ed Sheeran opened up about the special meaning behind his daughter's unique name. Last August, the "Thinking Out Loud" singer's wife, Cherry Seaborn, gave birth to their first child, Lyra Antarctica.

"I realize some people think it's quite a strange name," Sheeran, 30, told British morning show "Lorraine" on Thursday. "But my wife's called Cherry, and she is the only Cherry that I've ever met and I think that she's the only Cherry that she's ever met and I quite like that."

The four-time Grammy winner continued with a smile: "In my class at school, there were probably more Eds."

Because of that, Sheeran revealed that he and Cherry wanted to give their child "a name that was unique, so that she would be the only one."

The "Shape of You" singer confessed that the name Lyra may continue to grow in popularity because of the successful fantasy book trilogy-turned-television-series "His Dark Materials," which features a protagonist with the same name.

Sheeran also divulged why he gave his daughter the middle name Antarctica, saying he visited the chilly continent with Cherry before she became pregnant.

"I've basically toured every single continent but I've never been to Antarctica so that was always on our list," he said. "So we went down there in 2019 and it was just incredible. The most amazing place on earth."

Sheeran also noted that his experiences as a new dad influenced his still-unamed upcoming album due out later this year.