'Frozen 2' star reveals adorable moment her son manifested before her big audition

Evan Rachel Wood voices the character Queen Iduna in the new Disney film.

Evan Rachel Wood has earned some serious "cool mom" status with her 6-year-old son who was captivated by her performance during the premiere of Disney's highly-anticipated "Frozen 2."

The actress, who joined "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, said being a part of a beloved Disney franchise and getting to share her joy with her son Jack has been a dream come true.

"I've been singing Disney lullabies to my son since he was born and now I get to sing my own Disney lullaby to him," she said about the song her character Queen Iduna sings to daughters Anna and Elsa. "It is absolutely surreal -- I'm a really cool mom right now."

Before Wood was cast as the dynamic duo's mom, she said Jack was rooting for her.

"Before I went in to do the audition I said, 'I'm going to go audition for a Disney movie now.' He says 'I hope they clap for you, mommy.' And when I was done they got up and they clapped and I came home and I went, 'Guess what, they clapped. It worked!'" she said.

Wood received a standing ovation from the casting directors and revealed "they cried" when she finished performing the new number.

"They knocked it out of the park with the music again, the story is just incredible," she said. "I mean it's Disney. They always nail it."

Wood brought Jack to see the movie premier and said "he was glued to his seat the whole time."

"He reached over and grabbed my hand in the middle of the screening," she said of the special moment and shared experience. "None of the kids at school believe that he's seen 'Frozen' before everybody else, [they think] that he's just completely lying -- it's hilarious."

Not only is Wood an on-screen heroine, but the actress, who said she is a survivor of domestic violence, also recently helped shepherd a bill into law to help other victims.

"We just extended the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes in the state of California which has never been done," Wood explained. "We're hoping to take it nationally."

"Frozen 2" is in theaters nationwide on Friday, Nov. 22.

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