Louis Tomlinson releases music video 'Two of Us,' inspired by loss of his mother

PHOTO: Louis Tomlinson performs on stage at Arena Birmingham on May 04, 2019, in Birmingham, England.PlayJeff Spicer/Getty Images, FILE
WATCH Ex-One Direction star features 83-year-old in new video

Louis Tomlinson has dealt with his fair share of tragedy and loss.

But the beloved former One Direction singer is doing his family and fans proud by focusing his energy into creative efforts to not only deal with his pain but inspire and help others.

Tomlinson, 27, who recently shared a video helping an old widower to complete his bucket list, has now released a new music video, "Two of Us," which is inspired by the loss of his mother.

Johannah Deakin died in 2016 when she was 43 years old.

Deakin, who battled leukemia, was extremely close with her son.

An official release for the video states, "The deeply personal single, released in March, is his response to the passing of his mother in December 2016."

In the black and white video, Tomlinson, who also lost his sister Felicite earlier this year, sings about calling his mother just to hear her voice again, though he knows she won't pick up.

"You'll never know how much I miss you, the day that they took you, I wish it was me instead," he continues. "But diamonds, they don't turn to dust or fade away."

Somber and heartfelt, the video shows the singer on a piano or a couch, feeling and sharing his lyrics.

The chorus is him saying he'll live one life for the "two of us."

This new video comes after a more upbeat song the singer shared a few weeks ago, when he shared a sweet clip helping a man named Richard, an 83-year-old widower, fulfill his dreams.

"Two years this Christmas she'll be gone," Richard says, as beautiful pictures of his family grace the screen.

He and his wife Pat were married for decades. The viewer then learns Pat died after suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

In the video, you see Tomlinson and Richard support each other while working to fulfill Richard's bucket list. The two fly a helicopter, race cars, and go on a roller coaster together.

It all ends with Richard taking the stage and singing in front of thousands of Tomlinson's fans.

"This video feels particularly relevant and powerful to me," Tomlinson said at the time. "Richard is a classic example of a fearless man who, in light of tragedy, still pushes himself to live with as much laughter and happiness as possible."

The very same could be said about Tomlinson.