How Matthew McConaughey responded when asked about potential run for Texas governor

He answered the question with his own series of questions.

After months of speculation, Matthew McConaughey spoke out again out on whether he will participate in Texas' upcoming gubernatorial election.

When asked about running for governor in 2022 during his chat on the New York Times' Sway podcast, McConaughey, 51, replied, "Is politics an embassy for me to be of the most use to myself, to my family, to the most amount of people in my life moving forward?"

"Taking sides on a political issue right now, to me, precedes the discussion of something larger and much more important," he said. "Do we really want to be a United States of America? ... It's a question we got to answer."

"Why is our nation's trust level so low with our leaders, with ourselves, with each other?" he continued. "Before I start hopping in the middle of politics going, 'Well, this is where I stand here, and this is where I stand here.' Everybody needs to be in the conversation to answer [these] questions."

"I do not think we're in a good place [as a nation,]" he added, but the self-described optimist said he's excited for the future because "we're in a place where it's an amazing opportunity right now."

McConaughey also offered his opinions on hot button issues like mask mandates, voting rights and Texas' restrictive abortion ban. Calling it "a small investment" to wear a mask, the actor voiced support for mandates.

McConaughey also declared "it should be easier to vote" for all Americans "of age" and without a "criminal record."

He was less forthcoming about the subject of abortion, however. Although he expressed disapproval of Texas' abortion law, he furthered, "We've been trying to figure out that, and how to play God with that situation, since the beginning."