NSYNC reunites for the 1st time in 5 years for Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

The band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Of course the band is made up of the cute one, the bad boy, the sensitive one, the sexy one ... and Joey," DeGeneres joked during her speech.

Things got a little more sentimental when each of the guys spoke, thanking their fans, their families and each other.

"I don't really think I can put into the words how much the four of you mean to me," Timberlake said, addressing his bandmates. "Just through hard times, through unbelievable times, through times where we were going 'What the ...?!' I just love all of you so much."

Meanwhile, Chasez noted that Tuesday is a day beloved by NSYNC fans everywhere: “In case any of you didn’t know: tomorrow, it's gonna be May!"

Over the weekend, NSYNC debuted the “Dirty Pop-Up” shop in Hollywood. The shop, which is open through May 1, contains the group’s new official merchandise, as well as props, wardrobe, artwork and photography from their 20-year career.