Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares photos with daughter Malti from Australia

The actress is currently filming her latest project in Australia.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares photos with daughter Malti from Australia
July 10, 2024, 12:08 PM

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently shared sweet photos of family time spent in Australia.

The actress is currently on location filming her latest project, an action movie titled "The Bluff" from director Frank E. Flowers.

Chopra Jonas' photo roundup included snaps with her 2-year-old daughter Malti at the beach, time spent reading alongside her mother and more peaceful moments.

"A pause..🏝️ 🚼" she captioned her post.

She also shared a video montage featuring sweet moments with her husband Nick Jonas and Malti, along with behind-the-scenes shots from working on "The Bluff."

The actress began working on "The Bluff" in early June, sharing a post at the time detailing the importance of connectivity with those she works with.

"When I start a new project it'’s really important for me to know that the people that come together to make it are top notch," she wrote in the post. "We spend so much time together, away from our families and homes, thinking, eating and breathing the art we’re contributing to. It becomes so much easier when everyone you're surrounded by is full of joy, dedication and the absolute best at their craft. This feels like that."

"Here’s to new beginnings," she continued. "Thank you Frank E Flowers and @therussobrothers @amazonmgmstudios for bringing together an incredible bunch of people. Looking forward to the next 3 months here down under."