Shannen Doherty discusses mindset, potential funeral plans amid stage 4 breast cancer battle

"I just don't want to die too soon, cause I have a lot to accomplish," she said.

January 15, 2024, 5:44 PM

"Beverly Hills, 90210" star Shannen Doherty opened up about vulnerability in her battle against stage 4 breast cancer on the latest episode her podcast.

"I have a lot of moments where I tend to be the person who cries in a closet by themself, basically," she said during "Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty," which features a conversation between Doherty and her friend Chris Cortazzo.

"We all have breakdowns. But we're in a closet, hiding, having our breakdowns," Doherty said.

Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, after which she underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. In 2017, Doherty announced she was in remission.

In 2020, Doherty announced her breast cancer had returned and was stage 4.

"Listen, I do complain," Doherty said during the podcast episode. "I just don't complain in front of people."

Shannen Doherty and Chris Cortazzo attend the Hublot Private Dinner with Edgar Ramirez at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, March 13, 2018, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Doherty shared insight into how she works to gain perspective on her battle with breast cancer.

"I 100% have those moments where I feel all of it, and I wish for something different," Doherty said, discussing her tendency to appear strong in public.

"But then I always have to look at the other side of it and go, 'Well then, what else would you be dealing with? And would it be as impactful and would it be as meaningful as this?'" said the 52-year-old actress.

Doherty also focused on her battle for survival.

"Obviously my biggest thing is I just don't want to die too soon, cause I have a lot to accomplish," she said.

Doherty said her list of goals ranges from raising money for cancer to changing the animal slaughter laws in the United States.

The Memphis-born star also discussed the atmosphere she would like for her funeral, describing it as a "love fest" and saying she would prefer it be attended by people who like her rather than those who will attend "because it's the politically correct thing to do."

The "Little House on the Prarie" actress also said her relationship with Cortazzo, a Malibu-based real estate agent, allows her to be vulnerable because he acts as "an open book" with his fears for her.

In the 50-plus-minute episode, Doherty also highlighted the idea of vulnerability as a form of strength.

"Strength is in every tear that falls out of my eye," she said.