'Dear GMA' Advice Guru Winner: Liz Pryor

Liz Pryor, an author and single mom, is our straight-talking advice expert.

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February 3, 2011, 12:02 PM

Feb. 4, 2011— -- Liz Pryor, an author and single mother of three from Studio City, Calif., was named the "Dear GMA" Advice Guru today.

Pryor was chosen as part of "Good Morning America's" nationwide search for a 21st century Advice Guru that began in September 2010.

With more than 15,000 applications, the search brought out the best and the brightest from coast to coast. Teachers, nurses, hairdressers, bartenders and stay-at-home moms applied for the full-time job at "GMA." We narrowed it down to the top 20 candidates, the top 7, the final four and now, one: our Advice Guru, Liz Pryor.

As part of the "GMA" team, Pryor will answer your questions on life issues, tackling everything from dating dilemmas, to office conflicts, to money matters, to family situations, and much more.

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Pryor describes herself as part minivan mom and part go-to girlfriend. Juggling both roles, she says, has made her into a straight-talking advice expert and given her the skills to become the "Dear GMA" Advice Guru.

"Besides being sharp and smart I think you have to be intuitive," Pryor said.

Pryor, along with the other Advice Guru finalists, answered your questions online, shared advice on "GMA," and faced-off in Daily Guru Duels on viewers' questions.

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Growing up in a large family in the Midwest honed Pryor's advice-giving skills. "I'm number 5 out of 7, two older sisters, two younger sisters and two older brothers. Pretty much everything about me is a byproduct of being from a big family," she said.

Having the support of her family gave Pryor the courage to head to Los Angeles and hit the acting scene. After getting married, she gave up Hollywood for motherhood until a tough divorce four years ago.

"It was terribly difficult for all of us...into that you're breaking up as a family," she said. "What I learned through my divorce, mostly, is that I can't fix everything."

At the time, Pryor was also mourning the loss of a close friendship. "I felt really badly about myself and failed and awful, so I started talking about it and writing about it," she said.

Her personal experience turned into a best-selling book on dealing with female friendships and launched a new career for Pryor as an advice expert. Her website, Life with Liz, where she dishes out advice on everything from parenting to dating, gets hundreds of hits a day.

"Just to be able to get my voice out there that I know has helped a lot of people," Pryor said. To "help that many more people would be a very, very cool thing for me."