The Life of a Stunt Family

Meet the Leavitts: Mom, dad and their three kids are a model of suburban normalcy, with a few exceptions. For one, Debbie Evans Leavitt is a bit more qualified for the carpool than other moms.

Evans Leavitt is an action film legend. She has been a stunt double for Linda Carter in "Wonder Woman," Angelina Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and Carrie Ann Moss in "The Matrix Reloaded," to name a few.

Other kids are often skeptical when her children tell them what their mom does for a living.

"They don't believe them when they say that, 'Oh my mom did "Herbie," ' " she said, referring to the Lindsay Lohan movie.

Lane Leavitt is a former world motorcycle champ who blew up in "Commando." He sets up big budget tricks like ones done in "The Scorpion King," so he understands when his wife comes home battered and bruised.

"Her pain tolerance is so high," he said. "On, Batman, she broke her ankle. But she taped it up, and she finished the night's work with a broken ankle."

There are other annoying job hazards such as actors who say they do all their own stunts and audiences who believe everything these days is computer generated.

. "I've had people come up to me and say, 'Well that stunt on "Fast and Furious," that was CGI [a computer generated image], the one where I went underneath the semi-truck and flipped the car," Evans Leavitt said. "But it wasn't."

Keep It in the Family

The Leavitts are thrilled that their kids are interested in the family business. Stunt work is so competitive they say nepotism is really the only way to break in.

Danielle Leavitt, 12, demonstrated some of his moves for "Good Morning America" by falling into a mat.

"This next fall, I'm going to do a face off," he said. "This is when you fall forward, and stomach facing towards the pad, and right at the last minute you turn your back."

His parents beamed with pride.

"He says, 'Mom watch this,' " Evans Leavitt said. "And he takes off and gets about six feet of air off this little tiny jump."