70 and Still Sexy

When most people think of pinup girls, they probably think of gorgeous, confident and young starlets like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Yet the face of the pinup seems to be changing as more older women are baring it all.

Actress Sophia Loren, 71, has sparked a media frenzy by posing in seductive black lingerie for the Italian Pirelli calendar.

In the 2003 hit movie "Calendar Girls," a dozen older women donned their birthday suits for a charity calendar, and actress Kathy Bates lost her robe in 2002's "About Schmidt."

Some of Hollywood's sexiest older stars -- Joan Collins, Kathleen Turner and Farrah Fawcet -- have all shared their nude bodies with the public.

"It's really inspiring to see older women getting into the groove of this in their 70s and 60s and dropping their clothes and feeling confident," said Sasha Charnin Morrison, fashion director for Us Weekly.

When Lauren Hutton posed nude for Big magazine last fall, she said she wanted to make a statement.

"Society has told us to be ashamed," she told "Good Morning America." "And society has for my age told us that we would never do it after 40, which is ridiculous."

Diane Keaton lost her clothes in a scene from "Something's Gotta Give" -- a movie that earned her an Oscar nod.

As society continues to change its opinion about age and beauty, experts say older women will continue to take it all off.

"The older girls are the original pinups, and now they're back and they look so amazing," Morrison said. "Wouldn't you want to be like that?"