13 women came together to give their waitress a $1,300 tip for Christmas

The group Orchestrating Good is committed to good deeds in the community.

When a group of women dedicated to doing good deeds in their community gathered on Dec. 22 with the purpose of giving their waitress a $1,300 tip, they couldn't have known the recipient would be so deserving.

The 14 women -- 13 diners and one waitress -- are now bonded by an act of generosity.

Jessica Greb is the founder of a nonprofit group called Orchestrating Good. Its mission is to "compose, recognize and support good," she told "Good Morning America."

Greb of Racine, Wisconsin, said a friend had shared a story about a group in a different state that generously tipped their server in an effort to spread joy during the holidays, which in turn inspired her to gather a group to head to a local restaurant called Mulberry's.

"I drove past many times while taking my son to basketball, and for a reason I can’t explain, my heart led us there," Greb said of choosing that particular place.

The 13 women each contributed $100 and signed a holiday card with the decision made to give it to whomever their server would be that morning. Luckily, they got a great one in Michele Ann Bachmann.

"A group of ladies came in that you could tell had the holiday spirit. I asked what the group was and a lady told me it was a group of friends who invited other friends for a breakfast get together. I thought it was an amazing idea and a wonderful holiday tradition to start," Bachmann told "GMA."

Little did she know her own holiday spirits were about to be lifted too.

Some of the goals she has for the money are simple: she wants to take her sister's family out to a Chinese dinner and ice cream. Her sister, who had cancer, died in October. Chinese was her favorite food.

Bachmann also hopes to use the money to get a hotel room near the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Her mother has an undiagnosed issue that's landed her in a wheelchair and Bachmann said if she had the money for the hotel she could stay nearby while her mom was tested.

"My granddaughter said not to forget a toy for our puppy we adopted a week ago from Hope Safehouse in Racine, Wisconsin," she said.

Greb called dining out a "privilege, adding, "Dining out and having someone else prepare your meal and clean up after you is something to not take for granted and is worthy of some recognition. Michele was nothing short of gracious. She was an outstanding server who you could tell loved her job and was proud of where she worked."

And since the whole point of the gift was to inspire other people to do good, Orchestrating Good has fulfilled its mission: Bachmann gave $50 to each of her co-workers that day.