Little girls’ song on the way to the pool is all you need to brighten your day

It’s the little things.

It was a last minute gathering for a 5-year-old birthday party, but the joy it spread will last forever.

Lyric Dixon's mom, Angel Dixon, planned a hotel sleepover for Lyric, a few friends and cousins at The Residence Inn, Capitol/Washington. But she couldn't have planned the adorable, viral video that came as a result.

"The girls were anxious to go to the hotel pool so 'Grammie' [Lyric’s grandmother, Crystal] lined them up in the hall and started teaching them the song she made up to keep them calm," she said. "I recorded the video so that we could have [it] for memories."

"Hey, ladies, where you going?" she asked in the video.

"To the poooool," the line of little girls replied.

"Whatcha going to do at the pool?" she asked.

"Swwimm," they replied.

It's a catchy little tune.

"We are starting a challenge so that everyone can make their own version of the original video," Angel Dixon told "Good Morning America." "Basically, change the word 'pool' and 'swim' to wherever they are going and whatever they are doing."

And keep spreading the joy of course.