Hilarious school drop-off video has us in stitches because it's the truth

Some people are not meant for the morning.

Back to school season also means it's time to return to having to go through the dreaded school drop-off lane.

It can be an aggravating experience for anyone, but for moms who aren't morning people, the process can be especially annoying.

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"PULL UP TO THE CONE," she yells, in the video, out of the car window.

"Look at her. She been up, dressed, worked out this morning, took a shower. Overachiever," she says of another "mom" in the drop-off line in the video.

"We been at school a week and she is STILL taking pictures of him. Oh, my lawd," she said.

Based on the comments on the video, the frustration with the school drop-off line is widespread.

"Amen!!! My kids exit the van like paratroopers. We slide up, the van door goes open, and I'm all 'GO, GO, GO!!! I LOVE YOU! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!' as the door is closing and I'm rolling out," Katie Cole commented on the video.

"I swear I hate that pick up line with a passion. No one can function in it," wrote Nicole Emerson.

The Medina, Tennessee, author and mom of two is known for her hilarious Facebook videos in which she tackles everything from nap time to wondering what is Kiki.