Judge holds baby as mom is sworn in as lawyer

"I've always wanted to be lawyer, a mom and a wife."

A woman who was sworn in while a judge held her young son is hoping the video of the sweet moment inspires parents everywhere.

Juliana Lamar's swearing in ceremony took place Nov. 8 before Judge Richard Dinkins of the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The 27-year-old Nashville resident graduated from Belmont University College of Law in May and passed the bar exam in July.

"I've always wanted to be lawyer, a mom and a wife so to have my son see me get sworn in was an amazing moment in my life," Lamer told "Good Morning America. "Some nights I wondered how I was going to handle getting through law school, taking the bar, being a mom and becoming a lawyer. This moment let me know that I did it."

At the ceremony, Lamar was accompanied by her husband Javon Lamar, mom Ana Hendriks, classmate Chubi Echetebu, co-worker Gale Robinson and friend Chicoiya Smith.

But the youngest and very special guest was her 1-year-old son Beckham, who Judge Richard Dinkins enlisted as his assistant that day.

"[The judge] looked at Beckham and said, 'You're going to help me do the swearing in,'" Lamar recalled.

Chicoiya Smith recorded footage and Lamar shared it on her Instagram page.

"This lets [parents] know they can do it--having a child while pursuing a career...it's positive and motivates people," Lamar said. "You can do both."