This teacher and student's 53-second handshake routine is 100 percent awesome

VIDEO:This teacher and students 53-second handshake routine is 100 percent
WATCH This teacher and student's 53-second handshake routine is 100 percent awesome

When handshakes seem to last even a moment too long, they can feel awkward.

But somehow, we can't look away from this 53-second handshake routine.

Is it the twirl? Is it the "wave?" Is it the ridiculously sweet ending?

It's all. Of. It.

Teacher Michael Ponce de Leon, who shared the video with "Good Morning America," said the handshake started the first week of school at Hollyvale Elementary School in Victorville, California,.

"Many of my kids come up to me and shake my hand when they’re saying bye for the day. As Amaya [the girl in the video] was walking out she did a fist pump instead with an explosion afterwards. She is a great worker and super sweet, but very shy. So I told her we should have a special handshake and add a piece every Friday."

Ponce de Leon said he thought it might help the girl break out of her shell.

"We did the handshake once a day after class was dismissed. Most of my kids go outside during dismissal to an area we call our 'porch' and they love watching Amaya and me do the handshake."

Ponce de Leon told "GMA" it's just one way he tries to build a positive environment in class.

Each Friday the teacher-student duo would add a new piece to the handshake, sometimes with other students offering ideas.

"We knew the last addition would be the hug at the end of the year as she is a 6th-grader and would be leaving the school," Ponce de Leon said. I have never had a special handshake like this with any student and feel this is something unique we will both always remember. Amaya is one of the most brilliant and hardworking students I’ve ever had."

The teacher said the video " is special to me because it shows the power of building strong connections and how in a world of chaos and negativity, school is still a place to have fun."