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Thomas Rhett celebrates his daughter's 4th birthday: Get to know his 4 kids

The singer shares four daughters with wife Lauren Akins.

February 14, 2024, 6:09 PM

Thomas Rhett celebrated his daughter Lennon Love, who turned 4 on Saturday.

The country singer posted a carousel of photos from Lennon’s birthday party on Instagram Tuesday to honor his little girl.

The first snap shows Lennon sporting a huge smile on her face while posing with her Lilo and Stitch-themed birthday cake.

Another photo features Lennon standing in front of a backdrop inspired by the animated film while dressed as Lilo and holding a stuffed version of Stitch.

“Happy belated 4th birthday Lennon Love!” he wrote in the caption. “I love you more than words can say. Please quit growing up so fast!”

In addition to Lennon, Thomas Rhett shares three other daughters -- Willa Gray, Ada James and Lillie Carolina -- with wife Lauren Akins.

During a conversation with ABC Audio and other reporters in 2021, the singer opened up about fatherhood.

"Every couple years, I feel like I've learned a major life lesson without even knowing it," he explained at the time. "I think when I first had kids, I might've been the most impatient person in the world."

"Now I look at my patience level today and I'm like, 'Dang, I can withstand a lot now.' I think you're either forced to do that or you're just gonna be miserable," he continued.

"I feel like I've gotten to become a better friend, just by slowing down," Rhett said. "I feel like I've gotten to become a better, patient, more loving husband, and also just a more patient dad."

"So I think that patience would be one of the main things that I've come a long way in. And I think that kids do a great job at teaching you that," he added.

What to know about Thomas Rhett's 4 kids

Willa Gray

PHOTO: Willa Gray Akins, Thomas Rhett, Ada James Akins and Lauren Akins attend the 53rd annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN, Nov. 13, 2019.
Willa Gray Akins, Thomas Rhett, Ada James Akins and Lauren Akins attend the 53rd annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN, Nov. 13, 2019.
John Shearer/Getty

Born in November 2015 in Uganda, Willa was adopted by Thomas and Lauren in May 2017. The couple took Willa home when she was 18 months old.

At the time, the couple, who had been trying to conceive prior to the adoption, were pregnant with their daughter Ada James.

While celebrating Willa’s sixth birthday in 2021, Lauren penned a sweet note to her first daughter on Instagram.

“Without a shadow of a doubt you bring our family average UP Willa Gray just by shining your bright light ✨💕 ,” she wrote at the time. “You are a JOY to parent and you love people so well-especially your little sisters 🥰 your kindness is one of the sweetest gifts to this world and the last 6 years the world has been a better place by having YOU in it!”

“Happy 6th birthday sweet angel baby! I am so proud of who you are and you are SO loved 💗🎈💗🎈💗,” she added.

Ada James

The couple's second child, Ada, was born on Aug. 12, 2017, in Nashville.

Laura announced the arrival of Ada on her Instagram with a photo of her and Thomas from the hospital bed.

Noting in that caption that she welcomed Ada after 36 hours of labor, Laura wrote at the time that Ada weighed “7 pounds 3 ounces and is so stinking cute I just can't take it!”

“We are all doing well now, just resting. Thank y'all for your prayers-she is a miracle and God is so good,” she continued. “Thomas Rhett and I are so in love with her. And Willa Gray is so excited to finally have a baby sister 😘 More pics to come, so get ready haha.”

In an Instagram post to celebrate Ada’s fourth birthday, Laura described her little girl as “joyful, SASSY, cuddly, stubborn, loving, unpredictable, sweet, independent, creative, hilarious, smart, fiery, SO precious.”

Lennon Love

Lennon was born on Feb. 10, 2020, in Nashville. The couple shared the arrival of their third child on Instagram a day after she was born.

“It was such a joy to watch this little angel be brought into the world,” Thomas wrote at the time. “My wife is just incredible through the entire birth🙌🏼 watching our kids meet Lennon for the first time was probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

He continued, “Ada James and Willa Gray are going to be the best big sisters on the planet. The Lord is so good and I’m so grateful for my beautiful growing family!! Y’all pray for us as we switch from man on man defense to zone👍.”

When Lennon turned 2 in 2022, Lauren called her “my **extremely** GOOFY, little ‘sprinkles’ queen, Valentine baby who I couldn't be more obsessed with 🥰.”

“I think I laugh harder with her than I do any other human. You are such a JOY little angel baby!” she added in an Instagram post to celebrate Lennon’s birthday at the time.

Lillie Carolina

PHOTO: Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN, Nov. 9, 2022.
Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN, Nov. 9, 2022.
Sara Kauss/Getty

Born on Nov. 15, 2021, in Nashville, Lillie is the couple's fourth child.

The couple announced her arrival on Instagram with a picture of them and Lillie from the hospital bed.

“Lillie Carolina Akins 😍 born November 15th. 7.5 pounds of pure joy🙌 @laur_akins you are my hero,” Thomas wrote in the caption at the time. “Watching a child being born is legit a miracle. 4 under 6 here we go!”

In 2022, Laura paid tribute to Lillie on Instagram for her first birthday with a series of adorable pictures of the toddler.

“Lillie girl you are the greatest joy that we didn't know we needed🥰 happy first birthday cutie pie (a couple of weeks late) 💕,” she captioned the post at the time. “Your joyful spirit is so contagious and it's just like you for your first word to be 'YAY' hahah💗 my happy little sweetie! You are so adored🥰🥰🥰.”